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Singing Teacher In Potters Bar

I also provide singing lessons for children in Barnet as well as adult students. My style as a singing teacher is very similar to that of being a piano teacher. I provide lessons for people to enjoy, whilst looking at technique, breathing and vocal control.

Vocal Coach In Barnet

As with my piano teaching, I have been trained using the classical syllabus with Trinity College. I am also an experienced singing teacher in North London and I am able to play other styles such as pop, rock, latin, reggae and a few other styles if a student has a specific taste which they would like explore. As with the piano,  a roundede knowledge of sight-reading can really help in order to progress on the with vocal technique.

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Singing Lessons In Barnet - Vocal Techniques

Singing Teacher In Hertfordshire

I provide singing lessons in all genres of music. I have learnt that there are many common themes that link various styles. These themes are present in all of the tuition that I offer - this is, I believe, the importance of establishing a little classical training (sight reading is always recommended but never insisted upon). The techniques expressed in classical music can be transferred and adapted to practically any other popular styles.

For Singing Lessons In Barnet please call 07858 464347 or email info@vocal-tutor-london.com


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