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Piano Lessons In Potters Bar & Barnet

With teaching piano to adults, I cover just as many areas as I do with children - from starters to more developed playes. Many grown-ups approach me because they have a specific thing that they wish to tackle - such as left / right hand dexterity, or perhaps broadening their chord knowledge or their writing technique. I provide chord sheets to students as well as stave notation and scale charts depending on what the pupil needs or prefers.


For a piano teacher in Potters Bar and Barnet please telephone: 07858 464347 or email   info@piano-tutor-london.com

Piano Teacher In Barnet

I offer piano lessons in Potters Bar and Barnet to people of all ages and at all levels. I have realised the rudiments of piano technique, sight reading, interval training and improvisation that are so important in the development of all of my students. If you are require a friendly, patient and professional piano teacher please get in touch.

Piano Tuition Should Be Fun

All piano tuition is prepared for each individual pupil. I learnt long ago through my own study that  the secret  to learning properly is making sure that each task has some degree of enjoyment and so my lessons are always a mix of actual playing, a little theory, and mainly having fun!

Piano Lessons For Children

I teach piano to kids - I have a CRB certificate and currently give lessons to quite a few children. Parents have piece of mind knowing that I have a CRB - this is reassuring for obvious reasons. Giving tuition to youngsters is a regular challenge - each person is unique, each with their own character and ability. Seeing potential is so important to the art of teaching, as kids are generally more interested  if they know where they have improved and where they need to improve.  

Piano Tutor for Adults

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