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Park Avenue, Potters Bar

Hertfordshire EN6 5EN



Guitar Lessons In Hertfordshire

I also give guitar lessons for children in Barnet as well as adult students. My approach as a guitar teacher is very similar to that of being a piano teacher.


I provide lessons for people to enjoy, whilst looking at technique, ear training, timing and sight reading.

Guitar Lessons In Potters Bar


As with the piano, I have been trained using the classical syllabus with Trinity College. I am also an experienced guitar teacher in North London and I am able to play other styles such as pop, rock, latin, reggae and a few other styles if a student has a specific taste which they would like explore. As with the piano, a good sound knowledge of sight-reading can prove helpful in order to progress on the guitar.

Classically Trained Guitar Teacher in Herts

Areas which I can help with include sight reading, left and right hand technique, interval training, scales and arpeggios and various other key areas.


Sight Reading - This is an important area with any instrument and will really improve the ear - this provides a strong basis for more complex areas such as improvisation and composition.


Scales And Arpeggios - These elements are central to improvisation and chord building - areas which can lead to mastery of the instrument if studied with devotion!

Guitar Technique

Styles Taught

These include Rock, Classical, Reggae, Latin and Jazz - please call 07858 464347 or email info@guitar-tutor-london.com for further details.


For Guitar Lessons In North London please click below, call 07858 464347 or email danmyersmusic@hotmail.co.uk


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